Tungsten Effects on Health and Environment

Over the years there was a lot of research conducted both on the national and international level on the matter of tungsten and how does it affect our health and the environment. We all know from experience and from history that all chemicals and metals are able to have some kind of effect on the environment and health if the concertation of them is high enough. However, research has shown that tungsten has a very low possibility to cause harm to the environment and people that are in the direct contact with the metal.

Of course, some of the research is still in progress because this metal is very important for us humans in a lot of different areas. Just as any other metal or chemical this must be carefully researched to be declared as a non-harmful material. A research was released not long ago about some of the tungsten substances and it clearly shows which one is harmful and which is not. Usually, the ones that were listed as harmful were only applicable if the substance was swallowed. Since the products made out of the tungsten metal are very scratch resistant and hard, people can use them safely because there is almost no exposure to potential harm.

Recycling of Tungsten

Recycling-of-TungstenTungsten is a very important metal that cannot be found easily, so we must do everything in order to minimize the waste. There are factories that are specially working with recycling only tungsten scraps of metal. Because the high content, the scrap metal pieces are very valuable. Nowadays we are trying to recycle as much as the tungsten metal as we can, also the by-products that are generating when we are producing raw tungsten like ammonia is also recycled.

Environment-Friendly Use of Tungsten

Use-of-TungstenPeople use products made out of tungsten that have some benefits for the environment. For example, tungsten is used for the preparation of catalysts that are used in the petrochemical industry. Those catalysts are designed to improve some of the highly valuable components of the gasoline and also to reduce the harmful effects of those by-products found in the gasoline such as nitrogen compounds and sulfur. Furthermore, it was found out recently that some of the tungsten compounds used in catalysts are reducing the release of nitrogen oxide intro the air from the exhaust gasses.



Create Various Tools(1)

All you Need to Know about Cemented Carbide (Tungsten)

First of, we cannot start talking about cemented carbide if you don’t even know what it is or what it is used for. So, let’s start by answering those simple but important questions first. The Cemented carbide is an extremally hard material that is used to create various cutting tools for big machines, also it has some other industrial use but it is mainly for cutting tools. As an aggregate, cemented carbides usually use tungsten carbide.

Why do People Use Carbide cutters?

Carbide-cuttersThe reason why people usually use a carbide cutter is because after cutting a material, it will leave a much smoother surface finish which will later on speed up the whole process. The tools that are made out of cemented (tungsten) carbide can withstand a lot higher temperatures than any other tool that is made out of different metal. That is because tungsten is the metal with the highest melting point and it can withstand very high temperatures. Due to this great durability, every process that is done with a carbide tool will be done much faster. There are not many materials that are better than cemented carbide for cutting hard materials like carbon or stainless steel. Not only you can cut such hard materials with cemented carbide but it will wear away much slower than any other.


Inserts for Metal Cutting. Carbide is more expensive than your usual tool materials in your workshop. Because it is not cheap, it is not worth making the whole tool out of it. Some metal cutting tools have replaceable tips that can be replaced if one broke off or you wear it out. You will never have to pay for the whole cutting piece again, you just need to buy those replaceable tips.

Inserts for Mining Tools. The tools that miners use in mines have to be very durable and strong in order to not break after 10 minutes of use. To have that kind of durable tools they have fitted their tools with cemented carbide tips that can withstand the mining.

Industrial applications. There are a lot of different applications for the cemented carbide that industrial companies use it for. They have created a lot of specially designed tools for themselves from this hard material. One interesting use that this metal has is in the bearings, more precise ball bearings. Those tiny balls are made out of this metal because they have to be extremally hard and not to lose their shape over time. if those balls were made out of some softer material they would have to be replaced very regularly because they would get flatted out.




The Right Choice

Pros, Cons, Facts and Myths about Tungsten Carbide Jewelry


Tungsten-CarbideIf you are looking for a metal that is considered to be the most scratch resistant, then Tungsten Carbide is the right choice. Unlike other metals that jewelry is made out of Tungsten carbide is not expensive. Furthermore, even if you pick a smaller piece it will still have a nice weight to it because it has a great size to weight ratio. Some people say that rings that are made out of tungsten carbide are much easier to remove than gold from your fingers if you happen to have an emergency situation. This combination of materials is very durable it cannot bend out of shapes like gold and silver can because this metal is much harder, so you don’t need to worry about that the ring will deform if you put pressure on it.

The Tungsten carbide is hypoallergenic metal, which means that people that have allergic reactions to other metals like gold will not have any reactions. They can wear this jewelry without having to worry about the allergic reaction. Usually, you can find this metal in the gray color. However, you can ask to be plated into white, black or even gold.


As you know by now tungsten is a metal that is very resistant to scratches and it will not bend. However, it can break if you put a lot of pressure on it. That is happening due to the hardness of the metal. When you buy a tungsten ring, make sure it is the right size because it cannot be resized


The tungsten got its name from a Swedish term that when translated means heavy stone. The official chemical symbol for tungsten is W which is from its previous name wolfram. Tungsten is the metal with the highest melting point. On the Mohs scale, it is rated 9 for its hardness, only the diamond was rated 10 and diamonds are the hardest material known to people. Nowadays in America tungsten is the top selling material for wedding rings.


The-hardness-of-the-tungstenIt cannot be removed in a case of an emergency. We have mentioned this before in the pros, and if you have read that section you will know that this one is a myth because it is most likely the easiest ring for removal.

They are indestructible. This is a lie; a lot of people hear stories about how strong and hard this metal is and they think that it cannot be damaged or destroyed. However, the hardness of the material is actually what makes it so destroyable. If you put a huge amount of pressure on it, the ring will break for sure. That is because it cannot be bent so it must crack and break.